SO, I have one month until my LAST last day of class in my undergraduate career. In one month, life as I have known it for the past four years will change. For some reason, this has inspired me to start a blog, so here it goes… let’s see how long I can actually keep this up.

It’s insane to think that college is almost over, and that all of my friends and sisters that have become my family will no longer be within walking distance. I keep thinking of the song, “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart (GREAT song, please go listen), and how the end of this era is near.

It’s scary to face change head on. In a few months, I will be (hopefully!!!) moving to New York City for law school, which is a city that I have never actually been to. Does that terrify me? Absolutely. I’ve lived in the same area for all 22 years of my life, never having been more than 30 minutes away from any of my friends and family. That is such a scary change. Is this change necessary? Yes. Am I excited? Ohmigosh, 100% yes. The best things in life are also usually some of the things that are the most terrifying. Change is usually always a good thing. Starting college is scary, moving is scary, starting a new job is scary, starting a new relationship is scary, plenty of changes in life are scary… but I’m not alone. I’m pretty sure that everyone who is graduating soon is feeling this way. So many of my close friends are moving and have amazing post grad plans. I’m incredibly proud of what they have accomplished and what they will accomplish, and I hope that our paths continue to cross. I am so excited to see what great things that they’re going to do. Even with all of this excitement in store, everyone is still feeling the same things: excitement, nervousness, nostalgia.

To those who are just finishing up their first year of college: TAKE IN EVERY MOMENT. I know it sounds cheesy and you’ll hear this a ton, but your four years will go by so much faster than you think. I swear it was only yesterday that I got my bid for my sorority, and now I’m about to become an alumna. Please, take it in. Go to all of the events that are hosted on campus (they seem lame but are actually fun), go on late night food runs and adventures with your friends, go out on a Tuesday night, participate in Greek Week, etc. You’ll never remember the nights you chose to stay in and watch netflix or do homework (homework is still important though! Learn to balance), but you’ll always remember the nights that you spend with the people who are important to you. These are some of the friendships that’ll last. This is where I found some of my bridesmaids. You won’t miss college for the assignments and classes, you’ll miss the people. I talked about that with a friend the other day, about how we’ll miss the people. We’ll miss seeing everyone at any time of day, being within walking distance, weekly trips to El Cancun for margaritas, or just sitting in Johnson Lobby inbetween classes. Those are the moments in college that matter, so be sure to soak them all in. The four years go by fast. I’m pretty sure that I blinked and now I’m about to graduate.


To the class of 2017: We did it! I’m so proud of all of our accomplishments and will cherish our memories. I’m excited to start this next chapter of my life, and I’m so blessed to have spent this last chapter of my life with the people that I did.


if you’re interested in my post grad/law school life, be sure to stay tuned.


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